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Finance and Sponsoring

Rent of premises, small fees from those able to pay, donations, grants, membership fees and income from the dental lab are our main source of income.

In a way, our membership system resembles a health insurance system. All members of the clinic have to pay according to their membership status.

  • Life members receive free treatment in return for one-time comparably membership fee.
  • Ordinary members pay a nominal annual fee. They receive free consultation and check-up but have to pay for all other supplementary services.
  • Non-members donate nominally for all services.
  • The poor & the underprivileged are provided free service.
  • These contributions barely cover the clinic’s overhead expenses. Our financial situation is constantly over-stretched. Important investments are not at all possible without external support. We were able to expand our present services since 1994, thanks to generous contributions from Kathmandu Metropolitan City, community members, institutions and private donors from Germany and USA. GMZ, Jena, Germany is our major technical and financial contributing partner.

We are also interested in professional exchanges and continued medical education of our medical fraternity and training of our medical as well as administrative staff. Doctors and technicians from the west  supported the clinic since 1992.