1. Services to the destitute, the helpless, and the under privileged.
  2. Help and promote in the all round development of the country by pooling together the local human resources to reach the sustainable development goal.
  3. Mobilize and support the greater participation of the people to create a resilience community regarding DRR and also to create a sound and healthy society.
  4. Organize and launch sanitation programmes geared toward the creation of a healthy community.
  5. Carry out public health related programmes in collaboration with Government of Nepal and other social organizations
  6. After taking permission from Social Welfare Council, carryout programs and projects related to public services, disaster management, health services, education and investigation in collaboration with NGOs and INGOs.
  7. To continue proper mobilization and utilization of funds received from national and international donations, gifts, grants, financial support, membership fees and registration of patients to give free health service to poor people.